Texas Halal Corp, formerly known as Tex Med Beef Co.

Starting the Texas Halal Corp company was a result of two main factors. The first one was to bring better quality Halal meats to the market and  the second was to be sure to provide the consumer direct contact with the Blessers ensuring reputable Halal meats. For more information on our procedures, please visit www.authentichalal.org

Several Individuals helped start the company. Les Mallory, a cattle rancher from Central Texas was instrumental in accessing the beef market and a major investor. Bassam (Sam) Rayes, from Palestine, with extensive  international and marketing background was well acqainted with the retail market.

Naser Hittiny, originally from Palestine, became the first customer and  a consultant to the company. Long known as one of the finest and most respected butchers in the Islamic community, he has given direction regarding the type of meats needed to attract the consumer. Ataa (Tom) Shadi, originally from Egypt, was instrumental in providing financial and accounting services. 

Jamil Khundkar from Bangladesh was the first Blesser to work with Tex-Med and later became the company's largest distributor.

Rahmat Karim, from Pakistan is currently our head poultry Blesser and is in charge of frequent plant inspections. Bilal Mustafa is responsible for weekly poultry blessings at the College Station/Bryan plant. Brother Bilal served in the US Army and he is currently involved in several Dawah programs and visits many prisons throughout Texas to spread the word of Islam.

Today the company operates out of several plants. Blessers originally from countries such as; Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan,  Palestine, Syria, and Turkey make sure all Halal requirements are met.

In Houston the company created the position of Operations Manager and  Ayesha El-Maghribi AbouTaleb holds the position, a Muslim of Irish  American/Libyan parents and originally from Georgia adding to the company's multi-cultural

Heading up our administrative team and assisting with accounts is American  Muslimah Bridgette Hixon. Bridgette assists with day to day operations and  works closely with all of our HEB locations.

Les Mallory Owner/Managing Director
Les Mallory
Owner/Managing Director

Sam Rayes Director of Business Development
Sam Rayes
Director of Business Development

Naser Hittiny
Naser Hittiny
Head Beef Blesser & Consultant

Ayesha El-Maghribi AbouTaleb Operational Manager
Ayesha El-Maghribi AbouTaleb
Operations Manager

Bridgette Hixon Administrative Assistant
Bridgette Hixon
Administrative Assistant



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